Claviere a skiing history

The first ski-lift: a "Sli Hovia", a big wooden sledge pulled up the slope by a cable. If left form the area of Hotel Miramonti and arrived at M. Quitaine.

The first cable-car: in 1934, the December issue of the magazine "Club Italiano Alpino" it was confermed that for that season the new cable-car that arrives at Pian del Sole was completed, making it much easier to go on outings until then preceded by hours of walking. Today it is possible to see the remains of the arrival building.

In fact, at the beginning of 1911, the lovers of the snow sport called "Ski", started to come to ski o the white slopes of Claviere during Alpine Skiing outings: a descent preceded by hours of walking.

The name just a few of the races organised by the "Ski Club Torino", the first Italian ski club created December 21st, 1901, we will try to illustrate the birth of Claviere as a sking locality.

In 1922: Campionati assoluti di sci - Campionati assoluti femminili - Campionati assoluti studentesci

In 1924: completed a "pista di lancio" used to dispute Ski Jamping meetings

In 1925: the first meeting Campionati torinesi di sci

In 1926: Campionati Italiani assoluti di sci

Between 1925-1926: the first downhill race - 1° from Colletto Verde to Claviere - 2° from Colle Trois Frères Mineurs to Claviere

In 1927 Downhill race from Col Gimont to Claviere - 1° "Trofeo Gancia" International Ski jamping meeting, the first of it's kind in Italy, and was held every year until 1939. Not forgetting the numeros Cross -Country skiing meetings, no less important.

It is not possible here to list all the meetings held at Claviere. An interesting fact, that Claviere, in 1932, held the frst exames for Ski Instractors was Brun Pietro, who came from one of the oldest families in Claviere.

Testo di Sylvie Bigoni tratto dal libro "Scoprire Claviere: le sue bellezze e i suoi segreti"