Traditional dishes

Information taken from the book Un Paese di frontiera Claviere (Claviere, a frontier town) by Bruno Ferraris.

Lustré(juniper jam): the juniper berries are stewed for over 10 hours, producing an excellent digestive tonic.

Marmellata di rose selvatiche(wild dog rose jam): the rose hips are stewed at length in water. A good astringent.

L'ajet (French aioli): a mayonnaise in which lemon is replaced by a large quantity of garlic pounded in a mortar.

Tart: a dessert made from milk, eggs and grated lemon peel, to be eaten with Gatò du rei(‘three wise men’ focaccia, with beans).

Caiettesor quaiettes: a dish consisting of flour, grated raw potato and other vegetables of your choice, all mixed together, made into small balls and cooked in water or stock or, alternatively, seasoned, dry, with olive oil and vinegar or tomato sauce.

Ghinefla: potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed and mixed with whole eggs and flour, made into small balls and cooked in water. Served dry, seasoned with melted butter and spices.

Gofre: dough made from flour, water and yeast, cooked in special shapes coated with butter or bacon fat, resulting in large waffles with a raised, squared pattern.